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Art with the Littles, Vol. 2: Sensory Bottle

Author’s Disclaimer: Okay, before we dive into this, you have to promise me one thing: you aren’t allowed to laugh at my photography skills (or obvious lack thereof)! Promise? Okay, then let’s go!

When we were TTC (before I was jaded and angry) and when I finally did get pregnant, I might have gotten a little overzealous on Pinterest. I pinned more crafts than I’ve ever completed in my entire life (including my 3-week stint attending Kindergarten) and, let’s face it, I’m not a crafty person.

However, I wanted to change that. I wanted to do crafts with my son. So I continue pinning, and maybe one day we’ll do it all!

Since he’s not old enough for me to craft with him, here’s my foray in crafting for him.

I started off with a 2-liter bottle—label peeled, bottle rinsed and dried.

© willbabymake3 2015

Then I bought an assorted craft pack off of Amazon: pipe cleaners, fuzzy pom-poms, googly eyes, oh and some jewels too. (Because, Prime…why not?)

© willbabymake3 2015
© willbabymake3 2015

Then I jammed them in the bottle. I bent the pipe cleaners into different shapes just to make it more interesting.

© willbabymake3 2015
© willbabymake3 2015

I chose not to do water in this one and instead made it more of a shaker. I also squished it a little before putting the lid back on to make it crinkle. Apparently, it was really exciting:

© willbabymake3 2015

It’s become a favorite toy of his. He likes to shake it and roll it across the floor. Standing on it makes a delightful crunching sound, and it makes a great chew toy!

It’s amazing how something as simple as an empty bottle full of trinkets can capture his attention for so long. I can’t wait to use this and other sensory bottles to teach him as he grows. I can ask him questions like:

  • Can you find the green pom-pom?
  • Do you see the heart jewel?
  • Which pipe cleaner is a spiral?
  • How many purple pom poms are there?

Further your babies’ learning for years to come with things you find around the house!

Please see below for more arts & crafts ideas for you and your babies!

Vol. 1: Footprint Butterflies

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