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Happy Halloween! / At Least I Tried

We are happy to showcase just a few of the adorable Rainbows and Unicorns in our community this Halloween. For many, it is their first Halloween and the beginning of a holiday season that is loaded with hopes and expectations. Personally, I am hoping that we all are able to enjoy whatever life is throwing at us at the moment, if only for a second, as we watch food fly across the room or a toddler wake up on the monitor that we swear just went to sleep only 15 minutes ago.

“Maleficent of our hearts 😍”. ©anairmanandadoctor 2015


“My superheroes.” ©KAmama2013 2015


Halloween 2015 Copyright Willbabymake3 2015
“Halloween 2015” ©Willbabymake3 2015
Coming to get you Copyright Willbabymake3 2015
“Coming to get you!” ©Willbabymake3 2015
Mommy's Little Monster Copyright Willbabymake3 2015
“Mommy’s Little Monster.” ©Willbabymake3 2015
A baby koala for Halloween night copyright Willbabymake3 2015
“A baby koala for Halloween night.” ©Willbabymake3 2015


"RAWR!" ©Samantha K
“RAWR!” ©Samantha K
"I can eat this, right, Mama?" ©Samantha K
“I can eat this, right, Mama?” ©Samantha K


“Mommy’s Heroes.” ©Dreama 2015


At Least I Tried…

– written by Bex

A few years before the girls were born, I was making baby blankets. This was my attempt to keep busy during college football season and contribute to baby showers without actually attending them. I ordered some pink minky fabric—the fabric that is soft and plush. Instead, I received this…pink fur.

Copyright Beckdogenator 2015
Copyright Beckdogenator 2015

My husband said I should send it back. But I had a vision of future Halloween costumes for babies hoped for—but yet to be born.

Last year at Halloween, unbeknownst to me, my girls were 10 days away from joining us out in the fresh, cold air. Hunkered down in the warmth and chaos of a house enveloped with the love of newborn twins, we did very little for the holiday season in general.

The dust has settled now. A specific bedtime and sleeping in cribs was implemented so, in part, I could do things like work on Halloween costumes. Far from being a Pinterest mom, I know enough of my way around a sewing machine to make something decent. I created a pattern out of cardboard and cut pink fur and pink minky fabric so that I could make a double-sided tunic that looks like it was doused in a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. I envisioned a pink Muppet! Two adorable little fuzzy, furry pink monsters and, of course, everyone would be able to see my vision.

Copyright Beckdogenator 2015
Copyright Beckdogenator 2015
Copyright Beckdogenator 2015
Copyright Beckdogenator 2015

Or not. My sister suggested that they looked more like characters from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Others suggested cave people. The more I looked at them, the more I saw Jon Snow and the Night’s Guard from Game of Thrones—or perhaps a faction that separated over the wall and found their own pink monsters.

Since I had made them double-sided, I posted a picture of one of the girls and a good friend suggested that I made a great 1950s bathrobe. I am hoping to get several years of costumes and play out of these (and it appears that, with a little imagination, they can be multiple things), but since they are a little young to smoke, drink, and do not have enough hair to put in rollers—that 1950s idea will need to wait until they are at least 5 years old.

Copyright Beckdogenator 2015
Copyright Beckdogenator 2015

My sister tried to help us achieve our vision of “monsterdom” by sending, on request, some fabulous green and yellow squeaky dog toys (she owns a pet supply store) that match their outfits perfectly. These are also their first birthday gifts.

My goal is to celebrate the holidays, ghoulish and festive alike, and make them special for the girls. I might not always achieve these goals, but I want the girls to know that—despite successes or failures—I always tried.

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  1. I think the girls looked great in their fabulous night’s watch outfits 🙂
    I’m not nearly as crafty, or adventurous as you but you inspire me to try!

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