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Happy New Year!

Since the collage for Thanksgiving worked so well last month, we asked the ALI community once again for their words—this time for what they were looking forward to most in the new year!

Whether 2015 was good or bad, hard or easy, it was clear by the responses of those who answered that all are looking toward 2016 with a sense of positivity. While many looked forward to milestones with their little ones—sitting up unassisted, first words, first birthdays—some looked forward to things outside the immediate realm of parenthood—time with family, a wedding, starting pottery classes—and others looked forward to simple, yet still treasured things—sunshine, friendship, love, and cuddles.

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Happy New Year, everyone! We hope 2016 brings you everything you are hoping for and looking forward to experiencing. Celebrate safely!

— Rainbows & Unicorns Team


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  1. I’m looking forward to more love, more laughter, more time with my best friends, watching friends’ babies grow, my son’s first birthday, vacation, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, family, babies of dear blogging friends being born, meeting an IF friend (BEX!), (meeting more IF friends?!), walking, first words, more baby-led weaning adventures, the beach, swimming lessons with my son, finally reading the entire Harry Potter series, expanding my blog, expanding THIS blog, further strengthening my friendships with fellow IFers, coffee, beer, sleep, love notes, going to the movies, a date with my husband without the baby, a new year of change at my work, and so much more that I can’t even remember.

    Happy New Year, everyone!!!! <3

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