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National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) 2016

This week is NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) in the US, and this year’s theme is #StartAsking. We have some awesome Facebook cover photos for you to show your support.

Right click to save the image to your computer, then upload it to Facebook.

NIAW 2016 Facebook Cover Photo
Use this if you have been affected by infertility.
Use this if you want to support someone affected by infertility.

Let’s start asking questions about infertility! Here are some ideas from Resolve on what we should #StartAsking:


• Employers for insurance coverage.
• Your lawmakers and legislators to support issues important to the infertility community.
• Friends and family to support you.
• The media to cover infertility and the real challenges we all face.
• Your network to make a donation to the cause.
• Your RE, clinics, OBGYN or adoption agency to support RESOLVE.
• Your partner to get involved.
• Those who have resolved their infertility to stay involved.
• OB/GYN or healthcare provider to talk about YOUR reproductive health.
• For affordable care for treatment of a disease.
• Legal access to all family building options nationwide.
• About men’s reproductive health

What do you want to talk about this week? What questions will you be asking? What do you hope you will be asked?

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