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How to Submit

Please complete our pitch form. Be sure to use a valid email address where we can respond with further instructions!

What to Submit

Our goal is to offer a space where people can share their triumphs and struggles in hopes that someone else can connect and relate to their story. We only accept posts and other forms of media that discuss specific, focused topics related to the variety of experiences across the spectrum of parenting after infertility and/or loss.

How We Choose Stories

We choose stories that we feel are reflective of the pregnancy loss and infertility community. If you are pregnant with or parenting a rainbow, a unicorn, or a rainbow unicorn, we want you to share your story!

Our definition of infertility extends to people in the LGBTQ and single parent communities who, due to biology or circumstances, still required help from an RE and a third party (donor egg / donor sperm / donor embryo / surrogate) to help them build their family. We also welcome posts from donors and surrogates who have so generously shared their fertility to help someone else have a child, as we think their perspective is valuable to the pregnancy loss and infertility community.

If you believe you have a unique perspective and/or experience to offer from your journey, either on the way to parenting or since becoming a parent, we would love to hear from you!

Please note that all submissions must complement our community standards.

Original Works

We prefer that all submissions be original works by submitting author(s). By submitting a piece of writing or other media to this blog for publication, you grant us the right to publish the work.

Copyright Issues

If a piece of writing or other media has been published elsewhere previously, then submitting author(s) must denote as such in text of post or subtitle of the media they wish to submit.

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