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Being Thankful

thankful (adj.)

: conscious of benefit received

It’s pretty clear that the ALI community knows what it means to be thankful. In some way or another, we’ve all fought hard for the children we’re parenting today. Our thanks for the means by which they came to us—doctors, medicine, birth parents, donors, surrogates—is instinctual, automatic. We don’t need one day to represent those feelings; we experience them every day.

Over the last few weeks, we asked the community what they are thankful for this year. From the most basic—sunshine, chocolate, laughter, wine—to the more ALI-specific—IVF, modern medicine, surrogate—to the broader spectrum, perhaps influenced by recent global events—safety, shelter, health—the community answered with their words. Below you can find the collage we created with the responses.

(Note: Click on the image for highest resolution.)


© Rainbows & Unicorns 2015
© Rainbows & Unicorns 2015

From our families and homes to yours, we wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday!

— Rainbows & Unicorns Team


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